Kylie Jenner’s hair stylist on wigs and what the glam room looks like

It's all in a day's work.

Jonathan Colombini is part of the new breed. That is, hair stylists and make-up artists who have gained a substantial following through the celebrities (namely the Kardashian’s) they primp and preen. “They are really the first celebrities that have made pseudo-celebrities out of their glam squad,” says Colombini who tends to the ever-changing tresses of Kylie Jenner. And why wouldn’t you opt for a daily change in colour/cut/style when you have a ‘glam room’ solely dedicated to the cause: “All the girls [the Kardashian/Jenners] have glam rooms in their house. There are two chairs and there are mirrors and that’s where they get ready everyday, they don’t do it in their bathroom. It has special lighting, it’s really fun,” says the stylist who has been working with Jenner since October last year and met her through a photographer and mutual friend.

Hair and make-up are usually done at the same time and Jenner picks her glam team based on what look she’s channelling for a particular event: “It depends where she’s going, what she’s doing. I have my strengths, and other hair stylists have theirs,” he says. As it turns out, Colombini’s strengths are in extensions (which Jenner is currently sporting) and as for Jenner’s wigs, he prefers to style these once she’s wearing them rather than prior. “Through going out and being worn, wigs take quite a beating so you have to wash them and take care of them,” he says. “I find it easier to style them on her, you get more of a vibe of what it’s going to look like.”

Belinda Jeffrey