Check out Belinda’s awesome write up in the Spring 2014 issue of Porter Magazine, powered by Net-a-porter:

‘The One’ to deliver that elusive born-with-it blond, Belinda Jeffrey expertly mimics light and shade to flatter the complexion. Her expert eyes ensures clients such as Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts have skin that looks as radiant as their blond is shimmering. It is best to arrive at your appointment without makeup to give her a real understanding of your skin tone. Jeffrey also shares her 'secret’ formula with her clients, allowing them to pass on the balayage baton if not regularly down under.

Belinda is honoured to be included in the global A list of 8, which includes industry maestros such as Josh Wood of London, Tracey Cunningham of Los Angeles, Christophe Robin of Paris and Rita Hazan of New York.

Bucking the recent trend of publications making the transition from paper to digital, Porter Magazine is a great addition to La Boutique’s offering!

Big thanks to Net-a-Porter and MCM PR.

Belinda Jeffrey