Vietnam Making Waves

The  last place we visited yesterday in the afternoon was Thao Dan .It is a Social Protection Centre  which is a local organisation that takes care and protects street children  and creates opportunities for them to be fully integrated in the family and society as well as promoting Respect and Practices Child’s rights! We spent some time with these children and sat in on a lesson a former girl who had spent time at this centre was taking the class she was incredible as she was teaching them about protection on the internet ie Facebook and how these children need to be safe from Predators which is very big in Vietnam .They did role playing explaining to these  children not to speak to strangers and not to identify themselves to people they don’t know and not to meet up with strangers or except money from people they don’t know. I thought this information was so important and relates to all children around the world and it  was so amazing how this young student presented it in such a great way .Her personal story was amazing as she has just completed high school and is working hard to get into university !The young people I have come across here are so eager to learn I’m blown away  by their determination and their Strength. The younger children who were in a lesson drawing and painting in another area of the centre aged around 3 to 10 gave us Mentors beautiful paintings they had done .My heart was touched yet again and I can’t wait to show my baby boys this beautiful painting that  this young 4 yr old painted for me .It was a very emotional day but also very fulfilling day and learnt so much more about these programs and  about the children of  Ho Chi MINH CITY 

Belinda Jeffrey