Vietnam Wella and Unicef Making Waves Program

Here is my story and experience being part of this program .Wella have selected 7 of us mentors through a selection process to come here and make a difference . I feel very privileged to be part of this Mentor team as we all come from numerous countries from around the world ! I must say I feel like I have 7 new amazing friends we are all so different but all carry the same Passion Hair !!!!! We re 2 days into the program and as my friends and colleagues know I’m not great with technology so this is my first attempt at using my iPad and documenting this story .The first 2 days have been intense meeting the children, working in a very different environment , the language situation and of course working with a team who all come from different salon and country environments Talk about Challenge !! this is what makes it all so interesting !!! The children are soo keen to learn even with the language being difficult to understand the translators are amazing !!!!! So yesterday we the mentors taught Cuttting !!! Can you imagine I haven’t done a Line Below Shoulder Haircut in the last 25 years I mean anyone that knows me I’m a Colour Specialist who can do up to 18 heads of colour a day Full head Foils or a Colour Correctionwith Ease !! Scissors in hand well that’s quite hilarious being that I run a Colour Salonback home in Australia and I get to work on top Actors from around the world creating Hair Colours for thief characters on films and TV series !!!This is the beginning of my personal journey and this is where I say to myself What an Experience and to take myself out of my comfort Zone !!!!That is where these children are also teaching me .I. Hope you enjoy my journey and stories for the next two weeks I will be telling mine Belinda x

Belinda Jeffrey